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Not Me! Monday

I definitely do not have some embarrassing things to admit today. Not me!

So for starters, I have not been in work out clothes all day, just bumming around the condo because I have no money, no life, nothing to do. No, Not Me!

I did not give up potty training this week because it was too frustrating trying to keep a pull-up or underwear on Adaleigh. She hates them! I did not get completely get grossed out and almost puke when cleaning up poop and pee off the floor. Not Me! I did not tell myself that I’m going to wait another month before trying again.

I most certainly did not let Adaleigh eat Cheez-its and fruit snacks for lunch because she refused to eat the leftover spaghetti. And of course I did not only give her juice and water to drink today because I was all out of whole milk and she hates the skim milk I bought. (Thank goodness she at least took her vitamins today).

By the way, I did not wait all day to clean up the apple jacks and popcorn on the floor because I just knew Adaleigh would make a big mess the second I cleaned it up. I did not put Adaleigh to bed at nearly 10pm because I was having too much fun cuddling on the couch with her. Speaking of bed, I did not go back to bed this morning when Adaleigh took a nap and sleep until she got up again at noon. Not Me!

Oh and last but not least, I did not put tin foil on our rabbit ears antenna because we STILL don’t have cable. And when the tin foil didn’t do much, I did not find a cable extension and run the cable outside to the patio so I can get better reception. Of course it worked, but still I did not do it! Not Me! So because I finally have some decent channels, I did not watch The Bachelor because I do not get entertained by that ridiculously stupid show. At least I switched the channel so I could watch Life Unexpected. And no, I did not tear up at the end of the show when Lux got her new room in the attic. It was such a beautiful room. I was not jealous at all. 😉

So, that’s all the Not Me’s for this week! Until next time…

Welcome to Not Me! Monday! This blog carnival was created by MckMama. You can head over to her blog to read what she and everyone else have not been doing this week.


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Not Me! Monday

Welcome to Not Me! Monday! This blog carnival was created by MckMama. You can head over to her blog to read what she and everyone else have not been doing this week. I absolutely love Not Me! Mondays. It’s so fun and they make me feel not so alone in my lazy, crazy days.

Fortunately, it was not me who asked my mother-in-law to babysit so that I could pack, but instead I did not go to the movies with a good friend. And of course, we did not see a scary movie where I did not get scared one bit. Not Me!

Speaking of scared, I did not choose to go to Howl-O-Scream out of my own free will this past weekend. There, I did not almost friggin’ pee in my pants because I was definitely not scared to death! I was not one of those people that really thought the guy with the chainsaw had a real blade on it and was coming after me! Oh, and I definitely did not have a margarita and beer before going on a roller-coaster. Not me!

While driving 7 hours to Florida from Georgia with my sister and daughter on Friday, I was not the girl going 73 in a 55mph speed zone. AND I was not the one that got a speeding ticket and in the end thanked the officer! Of course, I did not go 5-10 over the speed limit for the rest of the trip. Not me!

On Saturday, I did not sit at my best cousin’s bridal shower texting and tweeting. I most certainly did not cheat on one of the question games just to win a prize. And it was definitely not my cousin (the bride) who gave me some of the answers so I could win. And when the opening of presents went longer than 30 minutes, I did not sneak out the back door to take Adaleigh to playground. Not me!

As for today, I did not skip Adaleigh’s bathtime and just spray her crazy hair with detangler. I most certainly did not give her a bottle at naptime so I wouldn’t have to hear her cry it out. I did not load up the car and leave the house with every intention to drive to Tuscaloosa tonight, but back out at the last minute because I was not upset with my husband. Not me!

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Not Me! Monday

What a better way to start the week than with a Not Me! Monday.

Just for the record, today I most certainly did not stay in my pajamas until right before my husband got home because I spent most of the day on the internet. And by internet I do not mean the wireless access that I am picking up from a neighbors house. And I did not give Adaleigh a bottle of apple juice this morning and let her watch TV for 2 hours.

This weekend I definitely did not throw a flat sheet on the bed because I was too lazy to find a fitted one. I surely did not leave dishes in the sink for more than 24 hours because the dishwasher was clean and I wasn’t about to empty it. By the way, I did not offer to go on a date with Alex on Friday night just because I honestly didn’t feel like cooking.

LOL! There you have it… my first Not Me! Monday post. Boy, that felt good. This may have just become a weekly ritual for me. 🙂

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