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Wordless Wednesday


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I can’t believe I haven’t updated in over 2 weeks. I’ve been super busy, and to be completely honest, not in the mood to blog AT ALL. I’ve been avoiding blogs all together. I must say that I’ve missed it though, but my heart was just not wanting to reveal its feelings and issues that I’ve been dealing with. And we know that when I write, I tend to get personal, sometimes too personal and too open.

In case you wanted to see a little bit of my cousin’s wedding in Florida, here is the video I made. I wasn’t intending on making this so the footage is kinda terrible, but it still turned out half decent. The wedding was fabulous though. It was suppose to be a beach wedding, but it rained all day, so they had to change the plans last minute and do the ceremony in the reception hall, but it was still gorgeous and romantic. Congrats to Bethany and John Eric!

Anyways, life is good. We are almost 100% in AL. Alex finally finished his training and is officially a district manager now! Wewt! I’m excited for him, but the long hours ahead of him and opening 2 stores in less 1 month during the holiday season is going to be rough. He just informed me that on his birthday (Jan 18), that the 4th store will be opening in Northport. That means he will be working from 7am til midnight, if not longer, on his bday. Poor guy. I know it’s going to be worth it in the end though. After these first few months, things will get a lot better.

Someone buy our house! Or rent it! Because it’s so stressful to have it just sit there empty while we pay the effin mortgage payment every month. I hate it. I sure hope it sells sooner rather than later… I’d hate to have to wait a year or more (which is average in the market these days). ;(

And Adaleigh… gosh, something’s gotten into that child. She’s got major separation anxiety lately with me. Maybe its because she’s been with me 24/7 for the past 2-3 weeks without any babysitters, grandparents, etc. HELP! She’s always been a good sleeper, and has been great at going to sleep on her own at night, but the past 4 nights have been H-E-double hockey stick! She will scream her lungs out for hours if I let her… she won’t go to sleep without me. It’s so weird. I know some of you might completely disagree with me, but I used the cry-it-out method when she was younger, and it totally worked. She learned how to soothe herself to sleep and was always fine. But this week, her cries were different. They were like “I’m gonna die if you leave the room” kind of cries. Sometimes to the point where she has trouble breathing. So, for the past 4 nights, she’s fell asleep in my arms and then after a while I put her in her bed. Granted, I looove the extra cuddle time I get with her and my heart just melts when I hear her say “hug” or “hold” with her little finger pointed right at me, but I sure hope this a phase, I very short one. Any advice from you moms out there would be appreciated! 😉

Meanwhile, today I tried to snap some pictures of Adaleigh on our balcony… she didn’t want anything to do with it. BUT I managed to get one good one. I think it’s Christmas card worthy.

Christmas sweater from great grandma

I love her ❤

And her new obsession is this CareBears DVD that my mom gave her. She absolutely adores it and always asks for the “bears”. She would watch it all day if I’d let her. Bad thing is… our TV is still in LaGrange so she has to watch it on my laptop. Good thing is… I can bring the laptop to whichever room I’m in and she will sit or lay on the floor quietly. Like this afternoon when I was putting away the laundry, she laid down in the middle of the hallway and was a happy camper for about 15 minutes until I was done.

Care Bear lover

My a-ma-zing kid!

That’s all folks. I’m exhausted and ready for bed. Night!

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Let me just say this… I am very surprised that Adaleigh made it to the top 25 finalists out of almost 400 kids in the Tampa Bay Parenting Magazine CoverKid Search. I was not expecting this at all. Although, one of my friends made a facebook event, I still do not think we got a lot of votes from people that we know. I guess that’s why it’s so exciting… people that we don’t know must have voted for Adaleigh based solely on her picture. I guess it helps that her name starts with an A and it was in alphabetical order.

Anyways, the voting for round two has started and goes until November 20th. If we can get Adaleigh in the top 12… she will be on the cover of the magazine in 2010! What a great opportunity for her. So, if you’re reading this… go here and vote for Adaleigh Conner. Thank you everyone.


This is picture of Adaleigh you will see on the voting page.

P.S. I am also very excited for my best friend, Brooke, who took this photo of Adaleigh. If you live in Florida and need a photographer, check out her page here. She does creative wedding and custom portrait photography.

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A Ballerina’s Grace

Graceful (adjective)- characterized by elegance or beauty of form, manner, movement, or speech; elegant.

Adaleigh's ballet shoes

Adaleigh's two little feet. ❤

Graceful. This word was never used when describing me when I was a toddler, child, teenager, and definitely not as an adult. In fact, I remember a time that I was quite the opposite in the most inappropriate setting. I was a ballerina around the age of 3 or 4. My cousin, Bethany, and I were exactly 2 weeks apart. Our moms thought it would be cool to sign us both up for ballet classes. Now, Bethany was a beautiful, petite, and graceful child. Me, on the other hand, towered over all the other girls with my height (I got that from my dad), my independence, and ungracefulness. Anyways, my aunt always carried the video camera around (unlike my mom). Bethany was her first born, and I was my mom’s last. You know what they say… there’s always a billion pictures and videos of the first child, not as many with the 2nd, and they start getting very scarce with the 3rd and so on.

Bethany and I stood there on the stone fireplace step in our tutus, stockings, and ballet shoes. My head just barely missed the mantle above it, and Bethany was many inches shorter than I. My aunt, with the video camera in hand, asked us to do a plié. In ballet, that is where you have your toes pointed out, heels on the floor, and you bend slowing. Let me just tell you, my plié just looked like a somewhat-fancy squat. Bethany had the perfect posture, chin up, great arm movements, even her fingers were in the right positions. We talk about that time a lot at family functions only because Bethany did eventually go on to pursue ballet and become a beautiful dancer. I am thankful that my mom did not push me to dance, although I did enjoy tumbling and cheerleading when I was in elementary school. But I still ended up where I belonged… playing on the basketball team all through middle and high school.

With that being said, my daughter, Adaleigh, was a ballerina for Halloween this year. I think I really enjoyed watching her prance around in her tutu, on her tippy toes, and even doing some sommersaults yesterday. Maybe I desire for her to be a ballerina because I didn’t have what it took, and there’s something beautiful, intricate, and intriguing about a graceful dancer.


I think she's a pro already.

a ballerina's grace

My beautiful ballerina. ❤

Like I said in one of my previous posts, I will not push her to do anything she doesn’t want to do, but I truly hope she will give ballet a try, even if she doesn’t pursue it. I know whatever she chooses to do when she gets older, that she will succeed. I look forward to that day when I can look at her and say, “Baby, you did great! I’m so proud of you for putting your mind to something and accomplishing it!” But for now, I have so much joy and pride in her everyday accomplishments, whether it be learning to put her shoes on, or figuring out where the puzzle piece goes.

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Dare I blame my tardiness for EVERYTHING on my child? haha. Yes, yes I will.

Every mom knows it takes a friggin’ army to raise a child, but come on, we don’t usually have help in the getting ready and getting out the door process. Sure, people will volunteer to play with the kids or hold the baby, but when when it comes to feeding, dressing, bathing, etc. we are left alone in the dust to fend for ourselves! I am fortunate to only have one kid thus far, but even now, it gets hectic and sometimes I’d much rather pull my hair out than try to convince a toddler to get in the car for a “ride”.

I seriously believe that it is a child’s job to make their mom go crazy when she has somewhere to be. I remember every family function, every meeting, every church service, every event, that my mom would take my sisters and I to. We always had to make things difficult. There was always an argument (or five) about pointless nothings that just caused more drama. I think I was always the last one in the car because I was sooooo slow. My mom used to yell on a regular basis, “Brittany, put it in fast gear.” Of course, I never did… and it would only make my stubborn lil butt go slower.

I’m not sure I am much like my mom in that regard. I think I am a briber rather than a yeller. Yelling doesn’t get a person anywhere except breeding more anger and frustration in everyone. Bribing, on the other hand, gives the kid motivation and something to look forward. I know, you can tell me I’m terrible, but hey, it works. If I tell Adaleigh, “let’s go for a ride and get some ____ (fries, juice, ice cream, cookies, etc)” she will laugh and giggle the whole way. I like to think its just positive reinforcement.

Here’s a little comparison chart that I have compared in my family (it may or may not be accurate in yours but you get the idea).

EVENT                                                            ALONE                   WITH KID(S)
Running to the store for 1-2 items             <5 minutes               >10 minutes
Grocery shopping                                       <30 minutes             >1 hour
Eating dinner                                             <10 minutes             >20 minutes
Potty breaks                                              <2 minutes               >5 minutes
Making a phone call                                    <1 minute                 >3 minutes
Cleaning the house                                     <2 hours                 it NEVER ends!

Ahhhh! I think it is just a vicious cycle called life. Women (okay, I’ll speak for myself) take a long time to do everything already, but when you add kids… it takes it to a whole other level. Ay ay ay!

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Not again!

I swear I always swore I would NEVER be one of “those” moms. You know the ones I’m talking about. That crazy mom lady that enters her child(ren) into every single contest in hopes she will score 15 minutes of fame, a prize, or at best, some money. Don’t get me wrong… I am a little proud that my daughter is gorgeous, but doesn’t every mom think her kids are the most beautiful beings to walk this earth? I don’t think I’m any different. People always tell me how pretty Adaleigh is, but recently the compliments have been almost obnoxiously repetitive. I know, I’m a terrible mom for getting annoyed by polite people that find beauty in Adaleigh’s presence. Or maybe it just seems like there are a lot more of compliments these days because I’m actually going OUT in public instead of sitting around my house in LaGrange all by my lonesome. HaHa! Yeah, that must be it.

So, we just wrapped up a magazine contest in the Tampa Bay area where my best friend Brooke (http://brookelouisephotography.blogspot.com/) entered a photo she took of Adaleigh a few weeks ago. We must of spent several hours voting for her, created a Facebook event to tell everyone to vote, and RT it a billion times on Twitter. The finalists haven’t even been announced and people are already screaming for me to enter her into other contests. (BTW, we find out Friday if she will be a finalist.)

And still, I gave in. I entered Adaleigh into another photo contest. Oh lawd! What am I thinking?! This is not going to be a regular occurance, or at least I keep telling myself that. I mean, don’t get me wrong… I would definitely be so happy if she won, but I just have this guilt that I shouldn’t push her to do something she doesn’t want to do. Yeah, she’s only 1 (almost 2)… at this point, she can’t tell me if she wants to or not. BUT I have always been against those pushy mothers, aka “pageant moms”. They make me sick. I’m not sure why I am comparing a photo contest with moms that try to make a career out of their children and end up sucking the childhood out of the child, but I am so strongly against it that something similar makes a little uneasy about the whole situation.

I think it’s great that people think my kid has potential, but seriously… this is it. After this contest… we are retiring Adaleigh from her contest days for a while, and possibly forever. I would much rather wait until she is old enough to make a decision and say, “Mom, can I enter this contest, pageant, show, club, etc.” then to push her until she is old enough to say, “Mom, I don’t want to do this anymore. Can we stop now?”

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