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This past weekend, Alex was home for a couple days, and during that time we got to hangout at his parent’s plant nursery, “Adaleigh’s Nursery” (yes, they named it after my daughter). Adaleigh absolutely loves it there. When I was a working momma… she spent lots of time there. From her swing and bouncy seat, to the pack-n-play, to crawling, to her walker, to walking, and everything in between, she learned a lot of that there. Once I quit my job at Starbucks and decided to stay at home with her, customers started to ask my in-laws where Princess Adaleigh was. The nursery was her Palace. She was their little sales associate, always making friends with the customers.

This is Adaleigh with one of the original signs for the giftshop that was laying around in one of the greenhouses.

She loves smelling the flowers. One of her favorite things to do.

Just for old times sake... this is my mom, Adaleigh, and I soon after my in-laws opened the nursery.

While everyone, especially my husband, was consumed in college football on Saturday night, I had the privledge of meeting former Arkansas governor and presidential candidate, Mike Huckabee. I am proud to say that I voted for him, even though I knew he didn’t really have a chance, but I am still a supporter. I enjoy watching his show on Fox News and listening to his views. After meeting him and seeing how down to earth he is, and just a very humble guy… I like him even more. I can’t wait to start reading his book, A Simple Christmas.

I'm so glad that nice officer snapped this {awful} picture of Mike Huckabee and I on my iPhone. I am forever grateful.

And yesterday, while Alex was at an appointment, I snuck out and took Adaleigh to the park. It’s amazing how fast she is growing. Only a few months ago, she was so scared to climb up the playground without me, and now she’s a pro! Can you believe she will be two on Saturday? My, oh, my!

Adaleigh's smile makes my heart melt. ❤

Hope you enjoyed my little picture post… now I’m off to bed. Tomorrow my sister and I will be driving 7 hours to my parent’s house in Florida for my cousin’s wedding and we’re staying for Thanksgiving, too! Yay! I can’t wait.

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After having been approached by two of my real friends (not that you online friends aren’t real, LOL) about my last post, I want to clear some things up. I am usually not one to complain about my life… my life is good. Really good. In fact, I think I am pretty spoiled and I know that I am very fortunate. The last post was raw and uncut (okay I cut a little bit) emotion. I was very upset and hurt and just needed to vent. Yeah, posting it on my blog probably wasn’t my best idea, and it definitely was NOT a cry for help or sympathy. I just thought by being real with y’all, it would show you that my life is not perfect. Maybe, in some weird way, someone out there is struggling with the same things and just needed to know that they are not alone.

My husband and I fight (like 99.9% of couples do). It’s been hard, but what relationship isn’t? We (mainly myself) have made a lot of mistakes and have done things to hurt each other. But at the end of the day, we know we still love each other and want to wake up next to each other everyday for the rest of our lives. Anyways, I miss him. He’s been gone for 2 days, and besides seeing him for a few hours on Monday late Friday night until Sunday, we won’t be see each other until after Thanksgiving. This will be our longest separation and the hardest, I’m sure. The first Thanksgiving without him. ;(

With all that being said, I am sooooooo excited about moving to Tuscaloosa. This transition has been stretched to it’s max. I can’t tell you how many times people have asked me what I’m doing in LaGrange, how long I’m in town for, and how everything is going in Tuscaloosa. I just look at them and laugh. I never moved to Tuscaloosa. Alex did. Not me. I have been slowing packing up and trying to downsize from a 3 bedroom house to a 2 bedroom condo that’s half the size.

Three years I have lived in this town and I have been begging to get out, and now that the exit is in sight, I realize that I actually grew to love this place. No wonder I have been very resistant to the move until now. I was clinging onto things that I need to let go. This little town has become my comfort zone. My home. And now it’s being taken from me time to move on. I will miss the friends that I have made in LaGrange. I know that I will still keep in touch with some of them, but I have to be honest with myself… I SUCK at long distance relationships. I’m actually surprised that I still have two good friends from Florida. (Love you Brooke and Tia!) It’s gonna be hard to not see the familiar faces that I have grown to love. I will miss having my in-laws 5 minutes away. I am gonna miss those delicious southern cooked meals that they makes us every Sunday. I will definitely miss having a FREE babysitter whenever I need a break or a date night. I will miss college football seasons and spending almost every Saturday with them. And I’m gonna miss the relationships I have developed with them.

So what now? I am ready to start a new chapter in my life. I am ready to have a new home. A new beginning. I am looking forward to being a better wife and mom. Not that moving to a new city will really change my habits, but it is motivation to start over. I am so excited to finally be a stay at home mom (yeah, I know I have been for 2 months already). I am determined to cook dinner almost every night, even if it’s something quick and simple. I am going to have a smaller home with less upkeep, so I have NO excuse for it being messy all the time. I am going to be organized, even it kills me in the process of getting there. Maybe I have high aspirations, but I know I can do it and I will do it. Eventually.

Oh, and one more thing… I am ready for baby #2. I have been for a while now AND Alex has been, too. But, I think it’s time. Adaleigh will be 2 next week, so it’s about that time, right? I’m really excited for our family to grow. I can’t wait……..

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Disclaimer: This post contains a lot of vulnerability. More than it probably should, but it’s my heart and I’m not ashamed to share some of it with you, my few loyal readers out there.

Must I write a nasty blog today?! Yes, I think I must.

Despite the ongoing argument I’ve had with my husband ever since I picked him up in Atlanta today… and his comment about how I “tell the whole world on twitter, facebook [and now my blog] about his personal life”, I AM STILL GOING TO WRITE ABOUT HIM! So, ha!

Today was an awful day. The morning went well, but after I dropped my dad off and said my goodbyes to him and my sister in Atlanta… the day went from good to absolutely horrible! I don’t get it. I haven’t seen my husband in a week and all we did was argue today! Couldn’t we have saved all that for tomorrow? Today was an important day. The ONLY day in November that we had time to move our furniture from our home in LaGrange to our new home in Tuscaloosa. I know there was definitely some added stress because of the move and the time crunch, but I feel like everything that came out of his mouth was negative today and directed right at ME! So, being a woman, I, of course, tried to defend myself all day. It was a never ending cycle… you criticize me, I defend myself. Let me tell you, things got ugly. Really ugly.

I shed a lot of tears today. I can’t believe it got to the point it did. I honestly don’t think we’ve ever had such a terrible day together, ever. My tweet from earlier still holds true… “Saying today has been the worst day of my life would be an understatement.”

So, here I am sitting in the only chair in this empty living room in this cold condo while my husband is asleep on the floor in the empty bedroom and I’m wondering how the hell I got to this point in my life. What happened to the days when arguments only lasted 5 minutes before we forgot about them and went on about our lives? How did we go from talking on the phone for hours at night when we were just miles away to now just a text message saying “going to bed. night.” when we haven’t seen each other in days?

I’m not saying I want things to be how they used to be, but I just want things to be how they should be.

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Today I had one of those really big bursts of laughter… you know, the kind where joy comes from the deeps parts of your belly that it makes your abs hurt like you just did 50 crunches. I had just picked Adaleigh up from my in-laws house where she spent the night last night. We were on the road and here comes a big truck. Adaleigh sees it out the window and shrieks, “FfffUCKy!”. Oh, Lord, forgive me, but this is one of my favorite words she says. I love how she adds the “e” sound on the end of everything. It adds a special innocent touch to her toddler babbles.

Whoever said God isn’t funny obviously didn’t know the God that created the Heavens and the Earth. He really has such a sense of humor. When I think about my life, I can’t help but laugh and I’m sure God is up there laughing, too. I’ve found myself underestimating His authority lately. I am so naive. How is it that my mind still has not wrapped itself around the knowledge that God’s thoughts are higher mine, and His ways are better than mine? Maybe I’ll never know, but I want to.

Without cable I have been watching the same movies over and over again. I started watching them in categories. This week is princess week. The Prince and Me. The Princess Bride. The Princess Diaries 1 and 2. Maybe next week it will be Cinderella week. Cinderella. A Cinderella Story. Another Cinderella Story. Rodgers & Hammerstein’s Cinderella.

“It is natural to be reluctant to close such a wonderful chapter in our lives, for moving forward is rarely accomplished without considerable grief and sadness.”
-Eddie, The Prince and Me

So, we now have a condo in Tuscaloosa, as well as our house in LaGrange. Yep, thats a mortgage payment and rent payment EVERY month until we sell or rent the house, and we are now a single-income family. But somehow it works out. Alex is living there, sleeping on the floor without a computer, tv, or anything else to consume his time. I kind of feel bad for him, in a way, but I’m glad he has time to finally catch up on all the reading he’s been wanting to do. As for me, I’m in LaGrange trying to pack up everything and enjoy my last few days and nights with my good friends and in-laws.

This weekend I will in Florida for my best cousin’s wedding shower. I am also excited to be going to Howl-O-Scream at Busch Garden’s with Tia and some other folks tomorrow night. It’s been years since I’ve been there. I know my mom and dad are missing little Miss Adaleigh, so I will be giving them every opportunity to babysit her while I catch up with friends that I rarely get to see. Besides going down there for Thanksgiving and Christmas, this will probably be one of the last time I will get to spend time there. Once we’re in Tuscaloosa the drive is 10 hours, and I just can’t bare to do that on a frequent basis. And flying is out of the question until Adaleigh is older. Her ears are so sensitive just driving through the mountains, I can’t imagine putting her on a plane for 2 hours.

I’ve got to start video taping Adaleigh doing her cute little things… maybe she’ll become a youtube celebrity like this little guy…

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Hello blog world! This is it… I have decided to start an official blog about my life, love, family… and well, everything else that gets thrown into the mix of my hectic day-to-day life. I have been wanting to do this for a long time, and I fiddled around the idea with other little blogs in the past, but hopefully this time I will put a bigger effort into it. I really want to have something to look back on in these crucial times of my daughter, Adaleigh, growing up, my family moving from LaGrange to Tuscaloosa, finishing my Accounting degree, and hopefully adding a few more kids to my family in the future.

Here’s a little background information on my life, as of now. I am 22 (well for about 4 more days anyways). I got married to my husband Alex on August 12, 2006 and we welcomed our beautiful baby girl into the world on November 21, 2007. Right now we are getting ready for our first BIG move from LaGrange, GA to Tuscaloosa, AL. I am excited, yet nervous. Alex got a promotion to become District Manager and help open 2 (or was it 3?) Zaxby’s stores in the Tuscaloosa area. I am happy for him and I am happy to be moving on from this little town. I used to work at Starbucks (where I fed my caffeine addiction a little too much) until I recently decided to stay-at-home with Adaleigh and be a homemaker. I totally miss my hometown in Florida, but I know that this world is a BIG place, and I just can’t seem to settle on one town. Over the next couple months, I will going crazy with packing and unpacking millions of boxes, trying to juggle a mortgage payment and rent payment, while downsizing our furniture and belongings. We still have not sold or rented out our home here in LaGrange, but I am trusting the God’s got it in His control.

Well, as you can see I am a little rusty on this whole blog thing, but hopefully I will get the hang of it again. My life is sometimes boring, so I apologize in advance if you start yawning when you visit my blog. My hope is that you will stick around so you can be there to share in the joys and exciting times that usually accompany my mundane life.

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